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Batghar Dam And Necklace point

 Batghar Dam And Necklace point.

Home necklace factor pune and bhatghar dam in bhor

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Necklace point pune and bhatghar dam in bhor
Bhatghar dam and necklace factor street experience near pune - shepherd traveler
This put up is ready my solo road journey to bhatghar dam and necklace factor close to pune city, within the middle of a virulent disease. i had visible numerous pictures of the necklace point pune on social media, and it changed into on my listing for the reason that ultimate monsoon. and bhatghar dam become only a few kilometres ahead, so i brought it to my experience.This weblog put up is based on a true-life story.
Batghar Dam And Necklace point.

I was craving mountains and lakes, so i sneaked out on a sunday morning, just a day earlier than the heavy lockdown regulations had been going to be re-imposed in pune and pcmc location. i do now not propose tour within the pandemic and lockdown. it's miles simply that i needed this wreck. and that i did it just earlier than we had been approximately to be caged once more in a long lockdown. in my defence, i chose a place that doesn’t have crowds. and that i didn’t meet a unmarried person in thisRide.

Bhatghar dam distance from pune:

 fifty six km
Pune to necklace factor in bhor: 46 km
Crossing jambhulwadi lake and katraj tunnel on nh48
I left the house at 6.30 am. i took the sinhagad road, and then a left at wadgaon bridge, to join the toll road nh48. jambhulwadi lake and the bridge is a really beautiful region. but i hate the human debris- no longer rubbish, however homes and new constructions sitting in between, obstructing my connection with nature – that is mountains and lakes.

Katraj tunnelDespite the fact that no longer the midpoint of the adventure, felt like an success when I crossed it. there is some thing stunning about being in the dark tunnel and looking the mild on the cease of the tunnel coming closer. knowing that soon i can be out of the darkness and into the sunshine. desire the identical occurs with coronavirus pandemic.

Bhatghar dam and necklace factor pune

On the manner to bhatghar dam and necklace factor pune
Commonly we assume that light and warmth might cross together. but now not inside the caseOf katraj tunnel, near pune town. right here as quickly as you go away the tunnel, clean bloodless air hits you. first your fingers then your face. you gained’t get the equal enjoy in a car. the air in the mountain’s belly is always warm. and while you pop out of the tunnel the bloodless refreshes you! i love that feeling.

Necklace point, pune

Bhatghar dam and necklace point pune

Necklace point pune

The yelwanti river bureaucracy an ox-bow or u shape at this location. and the necklace point of pune is at theMountainside, from wherein the river’s twists and turns are truely seen. it's miles positioned on a terrific tar avenue going toward bhor. this makes it without difficulty accessible with the aid of vehicles, motorcycles, strollers and wheelchairs, meaning all of us with eyes can see it. there is a small hut selling snacks close to the necklace factor, pune. however i didn’t stop, as i had my very own tiffin and water.

Koyaji bandal samadhi

The samadhi of koyaji bandal is located on a hill this is simply opposite to the necklace point and the yelwandiRiver. you have to climb a few steps in advance to the pinnacle of this hill. the views of the river from right here are beautiful. and as you pass interior you'll find the samadhi which is small and exquisite. koyaji bandal became a courageous and important soldier from the time of chp. shivaji maharaj. koyaji bandal turned into a devoted soldier who fought valiantly towards shastakhan who had raided the lal mahal of pune. the history is nicely preserved at his small samadhi in bhor. however very few people go to it, notwithstanding journeyingThe necklace factor, due to the dearth of data.

Bhatghar dam, pune

Bhatghar dam and necklace factor pune - bhatghar dam backwater
Balancing stones at bhatghar dam, pune, maharashtra
I balanced those stones close to the shores. surely the lowest 2 stones were already present, i balanced the ultimate stones on the top. quite isn’t it?

Bhatghar dam is constructed at the identical river yelwanti. i wasn’t certain if i would discover an area in which i can dip my arms in the dams waters. however i did discover it! afterGoing beforehand from the necklace factor of pune, google maps suggests a right flip, which goes in the direction of the north facet of the dam. from here the backside of the dam wall is seen. the street twists and turns, till you attain the place from wherein you could see the dam wall and all of the water.

Right here you have to cross gradual, searching cautiously to the left. you may spot a tiny walkway going down to the dam waters. but make certain to gauge the water levels, and be cautious in the monsoon. for me, it was a small hikeDown to the backwaters of bhatghar dam because it wasn’t full but. the encompassing mountains had been glowing in shades of green ranging from lime green to darkish inexperienced to gray. there are numerous fields around this location. the waters were deep blue, because it changed into a sunny day. it turned into not just heavenly, it become and is heaven.

Bhatghar dam road journey near pune in pandemic

Bhatghar dam and necklace point pune
Me at bhatghar dam, pune, maharashtra
First, it turned into time for a few quick snacks and water. i had pushedFor nearly 60 km which made me hungry. i sat on the rocks near the water, which had been on a higher stage than the dam’s water. at the same time as ingesting i was gauging the intensity of the lake, watching the clouds roll and seeing the mountains mild up.

What if the water rose ?! afterall the waters seemed very hard. and the dam wall turned into on my left, which intended the water can be very deep. i stopped up going close to the beaches and dipping my hands in the cool and silky waters of bhatghar dam. i don’t recognize ifWe should tub and swim here, the water was very muddy and with some waves. as i went by myself, and there was no person round right here, i had this area to myself. just me and the herbal conditions. the best sound right here was the wind gushing in my ears and waves crashing on the shore. an occasional hen or two.

Enchantment to travelers and site visitors

There were many plastic bottles strewn across the shores of bhatghar lake. those weren’t significant at the beginning. however as i walked along the shore i saw many.Then as i began to acquire them, i found a massive pile, the even larger piles round. it's miles sad that i couldn’t deliver all the plastic trash, however i did my bit. if you visit the region, take at the least one plastic bottle far from the seashores of this lake.

Bhatghar dam tenting and glamping

Round the alternative facet of bhatghar dam, there are nuemrous inns and tenting grounds. a new sort of highly-priced tenting known as as glamping is likewise to be had here. this is the pleasant vicinity for spending a weekend close toPune town. and in case you are brief on time, you can do a short avenue ride to explore the area. i was again domestic via 12 midday, after driving greater than a hundred and twenty km in a day!

Dams and lakes in pune

I never be counted the places that i have visited. but after getting back from this journey i just concept that i have visited all of the dams in pune. however wikipedia become short to harm my ego. in the end, i discovered that i have visible just eight dams in pune district out of the full 27. the dams i have visible: khadakwasla, panshet,Varasgaon, temghar, pawna, bhushi, ujjani and now bhatghar.

Update: i visited thokarwadi dam in maval after this trip.

Frequently requested questions
Is tenting allowed near bhatghar dam?
Yes, there are many motels and camping and glamping possibilities to be had near bhatghar dam close to pune.

What is the best vicinity for lakeside tenting close to pune?
Bhatghar dam backwaters or bhatghar lake

What are the lesser recognised locations in pune?
Necklace factor of pune and bhatghar dam in bhor.

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