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Admapur Balumama kolhapur maharashtra

 Admapur Balu Mama.kolhapur maharashtra

Shri balumama become a shepherd belonging to the kuruba gowda / dhangar community.

He is taken into consideration a saint. a shepherd, by way of the very nature of his task, has to are available contact typically with people who are on the very low segment of society, whose existence is in hassle and in bad conduct.
Admapur Balu Mama.

Shri sant balumama temple (samadi ) is placed at an area called admapur. 

A shepherd can not stay unaffected with the aid of them however balumama became an exception and now not an normal shepherd. in association with balumama, theirExistence modified nearly beyond reputation.

He became a sensible manual and recommend to them. their miserable and immoral existence was converted right into a civilized and spiritual one.

They couldn't thank god sufficiently for his or her appropriate fortune to have this type of spiritual manual.

He is having many hundreds of thousands of fans in maharashtra, karnataka and andhra pradesh. the shri saint baluamama temple is placed at an area called admapur in kolhapur district in maharastra.

Shri saint balumama’s lifestyles

BalumamaBecame born in 1892, in a village known as akkol in chikkodi taluka of belgaum district in karnataka. his father name became mayappa and mom turned into satyavva.

He spent his formative years with his dad and mom but become constantly lost in meditation and become a quiet boy. he later went on to live together with his sister and became married to her daughter in opposition to his will.

The marriage did now not closing long. he turned into given approximately 15 sheep by way of his in-legal guidelines which he commenced to generally tend.

Balumama was the disciple of shri mulye maharaj of gargotiIn maharastra. shri mule maharaj temple is in gargoti (kolhapur district), was a saint in the last century. he is likewise said to be the incarnation of shri halsidhha nath.

Shri balumama temple at admapur

Balumama died on the age of seventy four in 1966 at a village referred to as admapur in kolhapur district of maharashtra.

A temple changed into built in his reminiscence in adamapur that's near nipani in karnataka and kolhapur in maharashtra.

The temple is looked after by way of the “shri balumama trust”. the sheep numbers haveNow grown to approximately 40,000, that are looked after with the aid of the temple agree with.

Shri balumama spent maximum of his time at margudevi temple, which is located (stroll capable distance) near the primary temple. once I visited this region i felt remarkable peace.

What humans say about shri saint balumama
Authentic percent of shri balumama

Real % of balumama

At the same time as shepherding his sheep, he changed into acknowledged to have executed numerous miracles and assist plenty of terrible and downtrodden humans. he used to tour lengthy distances along with hisSheep inclusive of parts of maharashtra and karnataka.

He changed into fluent in both kannada and marathi. some thing he said got here to skip without fail. so had a massive disciple group a number of the rural terrible, who started out to worship him as a saint. the sheep which balumama had have been considered as holy as nicely.

If the herd of balumama’s sheep stayed or surpassed through someone’s farms or field, he became bound to have had happiness, health and wealth.

Belief approximately saint balumama

The sheep of balumama are taken into considerationSacred, the contemporary sheep that are the progeny (descendants) of the unique sheep of balumama are taken into consideration to be auspicious. and companies of those sheep are taken to diverse locations on the request of balumamas devotees. for greater facts approximately shri balumama go to this web page

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